Once Upon A Time....

Hey you lovely person you.
I'm Sophia.
That would be sophia that sounds like this: sophIa.
I love pop punk and that I'm a self-proclaimed nerd. I like to do any form of art. I am probably the one girl you know who has watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Pokemon, Doctor Who and who still maintains a social life. Okay, somewhat of a social life. I love cats. I love sweet guys and glow-in-the-dark stars and the fact that sometimes life can be pretty okay.

Let the amazing begin. <3

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somebody please let this man retire 

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#I fuckin’ hate the future

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Aladdin, 1992
The opening scene with the street merchant was completely unscripted. Robin Williams was brought into the sound stage and was asked to stand behind a table that had several objects on it and a bed sheet covering them all. The animators asked him to lift the sheet, and without looking take an object from the table and describe it in character. Much of the material in that recording session was not appropriate for a Disney film. 

"Combination hookah and coffee maker, also makes julienne fries!  It will not break! It will not- …. it broke."
that line used to just kill me as a kid and now it’s better because it was unscripted and he probably broke the prop

If you dont love Robin Williams you are wrong

Sad that this post is coming back now.

I reblogged this today already but it was before I knew…rest in piece my captain

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stripped to the bone in a matter of seconds

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When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 

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Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Anonymous asked: Black Widow or Black Canary

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does anyone else feel like they just lost their favourite uncle

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robin williams was like that uncle you didn’t see often but when you did he’d always make you smile and you remembered nothing but good things… i didn’t expect to feel this one so much

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